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2009 is again going to be very promissing. Not only because we have added a lot of new morphs but also because those are the fundaments of some of our long term projects. This also means that of some morphs we will only have a small number of animals available.

Enigma het bellmack snow rainwater patternless albinotremper sunglowBell albino stripetremper blazing blizzardraptor


  • Last year was very important for our bell albino lines. Now the fundaments for our future projects have been established. Last year we even hatched some supersnow bell enigma's. In 2009 we mainly hope to breed the radar enigma, bell patternless albino and bell blazing blizzard . Off course we will also try to improve our bell sunglow-lines.

  • Since 2007 we have some rainwater albino lines. Last year we succeeded as the first breeder in Europe to breed a supersnow rainwater patternless albino. 2008 has given us a lot of other very nice rainwater babies like raining redstripes and mack snow rainwater bold stripes. Some of those will be bred in some very exciting projets. In 2009 we will have a lot of very nice rainwater babies.

  • Our main goal in the tremper albino lines is, like always, to offer high quality tremper sunglows  at affordable prices for everybody. off course we also have other tremper projects like the dalmation (supersnow tremper enigma) and the mack snow diablo blanco.

  • We also have some other gecko-breeding projets. Since we have a love for the smaller species we work a lot with dwarf geckos. Some of the species of whom we expect offspring are: hemidactylus fasciata (vipergekko), coleonyx brevis, tropiocolotes steudneri, sthenodactylus stenodactylus, sthenodactylus petrii, goniorosaurus milli, goniorosaurus splendens, underwoodisaurus milli, ...

  • We also continu with the chameleon project. We work with the furcifer pardalis. In 2009 we expect to have our first offspring of our Ambanja red and Ambiliobe red bar couples.


tremper patternless albinoGiant tangerine albinotremper blazing blizzardmack supersnowleopard gecko tremper sunglowleopard gecko mack snow rainwater patternless albino
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