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29/03/2009: update projects

You can find the first update of reptile-shows Here


On the available page you can find offspring for sale.

Bell Sunglow

Occasionally there are some adults availabe. All animals are pictured individually with details such as weight, age, sex...

All animals sold are visibly sexable unless otherwise specified.

Are you looking for a morph in particular, but you can't find it on the available page? Not all the available geckos are listed on the website. Please send us a mail, We might have just what you're looking for...

LAST UPDATE: 10/01/11

leopard gecko


In the different gallerys there are lots of pictures of different kinds of geckos.

The main part is about the leos. Some of our breeders and offspring can be found under this page. Other species such as the Hemidactylus fasciata, better known as viper gecko, stenodactylus petrii, coleonyx brevis, goniorosaurus luii, underwoodisaurus mili, paroedura picta, African fattail geckos... also found there place in this section.

In the future we expect to add a category for chameleons (furcifer pardalis).

Reptile Shows:

You can find us at most of the Reptile Shows in Belgium and the Netherlands. We are also attending the hamm-fairs in Germany and some exhibitions in France.

In the summary you can check which reptile shows we will attend as visitor (white) and at which we have a table (orange). You can also contact us concerning new reptile shows.

Off course we hope to welcome you at our table on of the exhibitons we attend.


In the online shop you can find some of the most frequently used stuff for the hobby.

Altough not al the products are listed, we can get anything from the productrange of
- Exo-Terra
- Zoomed
- Lucky Reptile
- ...
If there is a product you 'd like but you can't find is, please send us a mail. We wil take contact within 24 hours.

leopard gecko

Around this time of the year it's getting busy again. Soon we will find eggs, hatchling will be born...

A reliable incubator is very important. Don't take any risk and choose for a high quality incubator like Jaeger. There is a small model(FB50) and a bigger one for breeders available (FB80).


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